Sunday, August 7, 2022

Ways to use Whatsapp Fouad(Latest Download)

Whatsapp Fouad Latest Download
Thanks to the excellent features offered by Fouad WhatsApp, you can safely do anything you can't do in a regular WhatsApp program, especially from a privacy point of view. There are several tricks you can do. Also the way is very simple. 
If you are confused, follow these techniques.

Whatsapp Fouad Latest Download

Hide typing status

When you want to avoid a person's chat, you can activate the specification in the form of this typing position. For such a technique.  

  • - Click on the side of the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner.
  • - After that decide on the side menu fouad mod.
  • - If it is already on the WhatsApp Fouad settings page, decide Privacy and Security.
  • - Scroll until you reach the chat side.
  • - Then select the contacts menu.
  • - The last step is to hide the list in the Input options section.
  • - Then press the OK button

Uncheck both

  • - Please go to the privacy and security side of the menu.
  • - Then decide to hide the second tick or hide bluetick.
  • - If you decide to hide the second tick, then the sender will still see the blue list notification after you read the email. However, the recipient has not yet read the sent email. Therefore, the notification from the sender is still a list.

How to read deleted chat logs

  • - Please enter in the menu Privacy and Security.
  • - Click on the toggle.
  • - After that specify the anti-deleted message.
  • - You can then read the messages or chats that have been deleted by the sender. Although this feature is not available for chats that were deleted before you activated this anti-deletion specification.

Turn off the Internet connection

  • - Click the airplane style symbol at the top of the page.
  • - It will then automatically appear as a verification discussion.
  • - Then press the OK button.
  • - If it does, then Fouad WhatsApp is offline.
  • - You can use your Internet connection for all sorts of things. Just like watching a stream or doing a search on another program.

Replace objects

  • - The three-dot icon tab in the upper right corner.
  • - Then decide on the fouad mod.
  • - Go to the side of the Fouad settings page.
  • - Then decide on the Fouad theme menu. In this course, we encourage you to decide to learn the Fouad theme.
  • - Then select the same Fouad WhatsApp theme you want.
  • - After you find the object you like, click the Install button on the side.
  • - The last step is just to click OK.

Not surprisingly, this Fouad Mods Whatsapp is more popular among some young people. But unfortunately, the application does not exist in the Google Play Store. Even so, you don't have to worry, because you can jump to the official website to download it via the link shown above.